Providing competent consulting services and litigation support in the fields of industrial, architectural, product and community noise – and machine and facility safety – since 1981.
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Unfortunately, many noise disputes are in litigation before we become involved and can have an opportunity to sit down with the parties and mediate the dispute. At last count, we have been involved in over twenty-five cases of noise litigation or counseling regarding pending lawsuits for excessive noise. In addition, we have fielded more than fifty noise complaints through Noise Free America.

Our approach in most instances is to try to satisfy the desires of all affected parties and come to a negotiated settlement. Whether representing a landfill in Albany, NY, working with a town in Western New York to limit noise at a landfill, helping residents in their fight against a “rogue” dirt track, or providing the needed “ammunition” for a homeowner in legal action against an expanding skeet range in the Adirondacks, we have the instrumentation and experience to provide attorneys and other clients with the needed tools and data to achieve their goals.

Our most important and valuable service is providing facts and logical arguments to mediators, judges and juries – so they can make wise decisions. Our experiences with Noise Free America provide a good knowledge base of real world issues.  

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