Providing competent consulting services and litigation support in the fields of industrial, architectural, product and community noise – and machine and facility safety – since 1981.
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Environmental Safety Associates (ESA), an independent affiliate of Oshex Associates, Inc., was founded in 1981 to provide consulting services in the fields of noise measurement and control, and machine and facility safety. Our geographical area of coverage is worldwide.

ESA's approach to safety is based upon assessment of risk – a combination of hazard severity and the probability of a hazardous event. As such, the degree of personnel exposure to a hazard is considered as important as the hazard itself. If there is little or no exposure to a hazard – the risk is negligible.

Many of our clients have found this a refreshing new perspective - in contrast to the expensive and often cumbersome philosophy of guarding every potential hazard regardless of the risk posed to persons or property. If a hazard exists, and no one is exposed to it – or if the hazard level is minimal – should we not think long and hard about applying limited resources to safeguard it?

Our aim to provide you with advice and instruction that is practical and applicable to your real world circumstances – and sensitive to your operational needs.

Consulting Services

ESA's safety operations include complete facility safety assessments for compliance to OSHA Section 1910 requirements, machine safety assessments for practical compliance and safe machine operations, and task-based risk assessment and reduction within the guidelines of ANSI B11.TR3 – “Task-Based Risk Assessment and Reduction.”  We provide expert services and litigation support for companies large and small, OSHA, and other governmental entities. 

Noise measurement and reduction services include architectural, industrial, office and community noise assessments and development of recommendations for abatement. In the community noise arena, ESA provides litigation support, arbitration, assistance in the preparation of fair and effective noise legislation, and training of enforcement personnel. Industrial noise services include spot and detailed noise surveys for OSHA compliance, sound dosimetry, octave band analysis and recommendations for engineered noise control solutions. Product development services include assistance to product designers on issues of safety and noise control, including task-based risk assessment.

Seminars & Training

ESA has flexible seminar and training formats available for intensive small group discussion or larger, broad based presentations. Both machine safety and noise control oriented programs are available and can be tailored to various levels of participant involvement and understanding of the subject matter.

E-mail us at esaconsulting@comcast.net outlining your particular needs.

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