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Polydamp® Extensional Damping Pad (EDP), is a lightweight, extensional damping composite with a viscoelastic surface and presure sensitive adhesive backing. Designed for use on thin metal or plastic panels, EDP reduces vibration and resulting airborne sound. The composite is durable, moisture resistant and odor-less.

Polydamp® Extensional Damper/Foam Composite (EDPA),consists of a layer of Polydamp® acoustical foam with a urethane film facing and a damping pad layer with a high tack acrylic adhesive backing. EDPA is an ideal product for equipment enclosures where both panel damping and absorption of airborne sound are required.

Polydamp® V0 Damping Sheet (EDPVO) is a flexible extensional damping material available in sheets and custom diecut parts. It is ideal for controlling vibration and noise in products whose surfaces are at or near resonance during their normal operating cycle, such as; electrical appliances, medical and dental equipment, office and electronic data processing equipment, industrial, construction, over and off-highway transportation vehicles.

It is a UL94VO flammability rated material, which is required in most electrical and medical equipment.

Polydamp® V-0 Foam Damping Sheet (EDPVOS) is a composite consisting of a viscoelastic damping sheet laminated to a flexible acoustical grade polyester urethane foam. The foam is available with a variety of surface finishes (plain, densified embossed, skinned, or films of urethane, metallized polyester and Tedlar). It is available in sheets or die cut to customers specifications and comes with a pressure sensitive backing and easy release liner.

Polydamp® ADA
is an impregnated viscoelastic material with high quality pressure sensitive adhesives on both sides. It is used to bond two materials in order to make a sound deadened structural composite. ADA sandwich constructions of steel sheet, aluminum, plastic or combinations of these or other materials show improved vibration characteristics and give better transmission loss against airborne noise.

The ADA sheet is intended to be sandwiched between the structure to be damped and an outer panel known as the constraining layer. The thickness of the constraining layer must be matched to the thickness of the basic construction. If the basic construction is a flat panel the best damping properties are obtained if the constraining layer is the same thickness as the base structure. However, good damping is also achieved with a ratio of thickness of constraining layer to base material of 3 to 1.

Polydamp® ADA for metal can withstand temperatures between -22oF and +194oF (-30oC to +90oC) and is resistant to aging. Since ADA is protected between two impervious sheets the risk of mechanical or chemical damage is minimal.

In the transportation and marine industries, ADA has been effective in reducing the weight and improving the acoustical performance of walkways, floors, firewalls and doors. By damping a structure, one increases the transmission loss which results in less noise being transmitted through the barrier.

In applications using thick metal, greater than .120 inches, ADA can be used with a constraining layer to reduce impact noise and plate resonance. Saws, timber handling equipment, loading bridges, flooring plates, loading platforms for freight transport, chippers, conveyors, hulls of boats etc. are prime applications for ADA.

Polydamp® Foil Damper (PFD)
is a light weight composite consisting of a very thin viscoelastic damping compound on an aluminum foil which is bonded onto substitutes that are vibrating close to their natural frequency. This constrained layer damping composite offers very high damping over a broad temperature range over adding minimal weight to the existing structure. PFD has a built in Peel N Stick adhesive making it ideal for field and assembly line installation to clean substrates. Available polymers cover a broad frequent spectrum and temperature range.

Helicopter and fixed wing aircraft, medical monitoring and diagnostic equipment, appliances, metal carts, steel doors, cabinets, bins, drawers, sinks, conveyors, and enclosures.
Polydamp® Spray Damp (PSD) is an inorganically filled water-based emulsion vibration damping compound which can be trowelled directly onto vibrating metal or plastic or thinned and sprayed onto the surface. It comes in 5 gal. pales and 55 gal. drums, and should be kept from freezing as this will cause spoilage. It curves at room temperature in several hours, when applied in a thickness of 1/16" or less, and 24 hrs. at a maximum 1/8" thickness per application.

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