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Applications - Industrial Noise Control
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Our client firms number over 200, and include virtually every Fortune 500 company in New York State. Oshex provides on-site visits, noise measurement and analysis, reports, products and installation services to solve virtually any noise problem. Our knowledge of OSHA regulations helps to assure that you will spend your money wisely.


Whether it is reverberating noise in a public space such as a gymnasium, or footfall noise from one apartment to another, public sensitivity to noise makes acoustical accommodations in architectural design a high priority. The good news is that Oshex can help preemptively in the design stage or in response to an existing problem. Our excellent product lines accommodate not only acoustical concerns, but also those of aesthetics and durability.


Whether working at the design stage, or after the fact, Oshex has the ability to analyze building and office noise problems and get to the source. Whether the solution calls for special silencers, spring isolators, or an acoustic wall or ceiling treatment, you can be assured that you will get cost-effective solutions to the toughest problems – and save the money you might have spent on those expensive reports.


Oshex offers a variety of materials suitable for treating noise generated by the distribution of heating and cooling. Silencers, duct lining foams, duct and pipe barrier wrapping and enclosures offer reliable noise reducing strategies for this problem area.


Oshex is a full line distributor of noise control and acoustical products. In addition to those mentioned above, we also offer solutions for these applications: -broadcast, hearing testing booths, anechoic chambers and home theater.

Anechoic Chambers


If you are answering the complaints of neighbors, writing a noise ordinance, or having to comply with one, you probably need help. Oshex has unmatched experience in working to defuse volatile issues and put the problem into proper perspective. We can execute the necessary noise studies and reports, write and interpret noise ordinances, and provide the materials needed to solve noise problems.

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