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Seminars and Training

Environmental Safety Associates (ESA) is an independent affiliate of Oshex Associates, Inc., and was founded in 1981 to provide consulting services in the fields of noise measurement and control, and machine and facility safety. The geographical area of coverage is worldwide. ESA's approach to safety is one of risk assessment which incorporates a combined analysis not only of hazard identification, but also of exposure to that hazard. For is a hazard a risk to safety if there is no exposure to that risk? Many of our satisfied clients have found this a refreshing new perspective in contrast to the expensive and often cumbersome philosophy of guarding every potential hazard regardless of it's actual risk to safety. If a room is excessively noisy but no one is ever in it, is it a risk to hearing loss? Our aim to to provide you with advice and instruction that is practical and applicable to your real world circumstances.

Seminars & Training

ESA has flexible seminar and training formats available for intensive small group discussion or larger, broad based presentations. Both machine safety and noise control oriented programs are available and can be tailored to various levels of participants' sophistication regarding the subject matter.

Feel free to call to discuss your particular need at 800-537-7568 or fill in the form in the "./public_html/eanswers.html" section.

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