About Oshex

Since the founding of OSHEX in 1975, we have been dedicated to bridging the gap between the acoustical consultant and the purveyor of noise control products – providing “one-stop” solutions for a variety of noise problems for both industrial and architectural projects. 

Our success is the result of the years of practical knowledge gained from hundreds of projects, across dozens of markets, including schools, colleges & universities, commercial buildings, retail establishments and industrial facilities

The chances are good that OSHEX has handled an application similar, if not identical to yours – and is uniquely qualified to help identify the source and then offer cost effective choices to meet not only the demands of the acoustics, but address aesthetic, durability and installation-related concerns as well.

Our website is filled with a host of product solutions that can be used to solve noise control and acoustical problems. Give us a call at 800-LESS-LOUD (537-7568)to discuss your application – at no cost!

You can also email to sales@oshex.com and include an overview description and contact information.