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The art of creating spaces that allow for excellent communication and listening pleasure.

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All too often, room acoustics is not a primary objective in the design and construction of  public, educational, commercial or industrial spaces. The price of this is a space that compromises its functionality. How many times have you been unable to comprehend a public speaker, not hear the whistle in a big game, had a headache after the group of kids were done with their gathering or been unable to carry on a conversation with the person sitting across the table? Or perhaps noise coming from another space is diminishing the enjoyment of your space?

For 30 years, Oshex has been offering cost effective solutions to preempt noise problems in the design stage or, more commonly, to fix problems that were either not addressed in the design stage or, sadly, deleted from the project to cut costs (thereby delaying, and usually increasing, the cost of fixing the problem after the space has been occupied). Oshex's success is the result of 30 years of practical knowledge gained from hundreds of applications across dozens of markets including schools, industrial, office buildings, retail, institutional and even homes.

Chances are that Oshex has handled an application similar, if not identical, to yours and is uniquely qualified to help identify the source and then offer cost effective choices to meet not only the demands of the acoustics, but also address aesthetic, durability and installation related issues.

Our website is filled with product solutions that can be used to solve Room Acoustics issues. Use the following links to related product categories or just give us a call at 800-537-7568 for a no cost discussion regarding your application. You can also email to sales@oshex.com and include an overview of your application and contact information.

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