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Oshex Associates can handle most NOISE control applications. For a free consultation regarding product solutions for your noise control or acoustical application, please call 800-537-7568, email to sales@oshex.com or return to the Oshex Homepage and follow the extensive product information available there. 

  Environmental Safety Associates (ESA) provides the following EXPERT services for the following SAFETY and NOISE related services.

    • Building Shock and Vibration                                           Machine Safety Surveys                                    
    • Noise Litigation                                                               Accident Investigation and Litigation
    • Community Noise Resolution                                         Facility Safety                                
    • Noise and Vibration Training                                            Safety Training

For 30 years, Oshex has been offering cost effective solutions to preempt noise problems in the design stage or, more commonly, to fix problems that were either not addressed in the design stage or, sadly, deleted from the project to cut costs (thereby delaying, and usually increasing, the cost of fixing the problem after the fact). Oshex's success is the result of 30 years of practical knowledge gained from hundreds of applications across dozens of markets including schools, industrial, office buildings, retail, institutional and even homes.

Chances are that Oshex has handled an application similar, if not identical, to yours and is uniquely qualified to help identify the source and then offer cost effective choices to meet not only the demands of the acoustics, but also address aesthetic, durability and installation related issues.

Our website is filled with product solutions that can be used to solve Noise Control & Acoustical problems. Use the Home Page or Products links to find related product information or just give us a call at 800-537-7568 for a no cost discussion regarding your application. You can also email to sales@oshex.com and include an overview of your application and contact information.

For several years, Bob Andres, the founder of Oshex, has served as the Technical Advisor to Noise Free America, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of a noise-free environment – the preservation of peace and quiet. This group relies primarily on donations, and we encourage you to support this worthy activity. Please click on the following link to become a contributing member of  Noise Free America

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